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Mike Cavanaugh

Mike Cavanaugh

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain

Executive Bio

After years of fun working with great companies around the world, I took a chance to apply my experience to something truly unique, to think completely outside the box. That drive is what led me to Main Street Renewal, a Real Estate Developer and Property Manager focused on the Single-Family Residence (SFR). 

There are very few industries left where you can take an opportunity to implement change and best practices from other industries in a unique way. This is an industry that has not fully matured to have the norms and is full of potential. I get to tap into that potential on a daily basis, take what I have learned in other industries where I have experience like high-tech or consumer and apply it to how we not only renovate a home but how we interact with our investors, vendor partners and our residents. 



    Supply Chain




    250 - 499

Contact Us

+1 615-973-5910

8300 N. Mopac Expressway Suite 200, Austin, Texas, USA

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