Top 10 start-ups to watch in 2017

Nell Walker
- Top 10 - Feb 08, 2017

The last few years have shown some incredible growth in sectors of technology and science, particularly as our devices become smarter and big companies pour money into entrepreneurial start-ups. Here are Business Review USA & Canada’s picks for the start-ups to watch this year.


CureMetrix was founded in 2014, and focuses on improving cancer survival rates using AI algorithms in medical imaging and diagnostics. Started by CEO Kevin Harris and CTO Dr. Homa Karimabadi, CureMetrix is using state-of-the-art image analysis as an accurate mammography tool, assigning a code known as a ‘Q number’ to the images to show the progression of cancer. It allows radiologists to see more detailed information at a glance, and this innovation means CureMetrix has been able to secure funding from San Diego’s Analytics Ventures.


SOCi calls itself ‘the last social tool you’ll ever need’; it is a platform for managing all of your social media accounts, with founders Afif Khoury and Alo Sarv filling a gap in the market for a software program that will act as a command center. The company was founded in 2012 and has worked hard to acquire strategic Silicon Valley investors and partners, ensuring 300 percent growth in revenue in its second year.


Approved is a piece of software set to streamline documentation for homeowners and mortgage lenders. It will cut approval processes down to a few minutes from potentially weeks, and its founders – Andy Taylor and Navtej Sadhal – are continuing to develop the technology in San Diego’s EvoNexus incubator. They previously developed Redfin, and as Taylor says: “We know how to build world-class software.”


SPLT is carpool software app which aims to make commuting a relaxing experience where one can also find interesting new people to befriend. It arranges rides in seconds within a community of carpoolers, and the algorithm can match co-workers to travel together (which the customers can approve and communicate securely within the software). SPLT also has a focus on sustainability, turning green travel elements into goals. CEO and founder Anya Babbitt has grown three successful companies and SPLT looks set to challenge lift-sharing businesses across the US.

Innova EV

Innova EV has wisely jumped onto the electric car bandwagon with the eye-catching Dash, a solar-charged 100% electric vehicle which costs absolutely nothing for fuel and produces no pollution. Innova EV, founded by CEO Roman Kuropas in 2006, is finding its niche as on-campus transport at universities, with the company having realized that millennials care profoundly about the environment and will often choose their college based on its level of sustainability.


Launched in 2015, Chariot has blown up in an impressively short time, enjoying a cash injection in late 2016 when Ford bought the company for over $65 million. Chariot is a commuting business, using 14-passenger vans bursting with innovative technology. Run by CEO Ali Vahabzadeh, it currently operates in the San Francisco Bay area, and potential customers can suggest and crowdfund routes.


polySpectra is a research team which focusses on material science, mechanical engineering, and applied physics. Founded by Raymond Weitekamp (who boasts previous experience with Caltech), the company is working towards sustainable material fabrication and has already won numerous awards for its high levels of innovation. 


itopia is all about improving your business, offering cost-effective ways to manage and migrate applications and infrastructure to the cloud. Led by co-founder and CEO Jonathan Lieberman, itopia currently offers over 1,000 hosted applications on the cloud via its Cielo platform, which promises to be 10 times faster and much cheaper. It claims to be ideal for MSPs and uses only the world's finest data centers and IT security.


Clement Perrot and David Zhang founded Prynt in 2014, and the company has grown enormously in just two years. The Prynt product consists of an app and what looks like a digital camera, into which you mount your phone. This device is actually a small printer, and when you take a photograph, you can send it straight to this printer to produce a tangible image in seconds. The device pairs easily with almost any type of phone, and even the 'ink' is a new invention; you order refills for it via the app.

Dog Parker

Why not end on a cute and fluffy note? Dog Parker creates precision-engineered, safe and comfortable units for dogs to sit in outside storefronts while their owners shop. They are temperature-controlled, automatically sanitized using UV lights, remotely monitored via your smartphone, and comfortable for dogs of all sizes. The company has been reported on in some major national newspapers and websites, and thanks to the good publicity and strategic partnerships, there are four Dog Parker locations currently in Brooklyn with many more on the way.


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