Top 10 fastest growing established US brands

- Top 10 - Nov 30, 2017

Sales recruitment agency Aaron Wallis has unveiled a list showing which of the 100 world’s most valuable brands have expanded their presence the most during 2017.

Taking the average relative Google Trends search interest for each company from January 2017 to November 2017, ignoring 20 November to 31 December to eliminate the anomaly of seasonal retail trends, Aaron Wallis has put together an average relative score throughout this period.

By comparing the relative search interest in 2016 to the relative search interest in 2017 within their respective brand categories, the Aaron Wallis has calculated the year on year difference as a percentage, showing the fastest growing brands by search engine popularity through 2017.

10. CostCo – 5.00%

In line with its increasing brand popularity, CostCo has seen an improvement in its performance, reflected in a 13.8% increase in net sales in November year-over-year, up to $11.26bn from $9.95bn.

Further, the company also hit a record high share price in November of this year.

9. FedEx – 5.46%

FedEx focuses on differentiation to increase its market capitalisation, with a total of 10 different services offered.

The firm also features 37th on Forbes Top Regarded Companies list 2017 – the highest ranking courier company on the list.

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8. Starbucks – 6.70%

Having only been founded in 1990, the Starbucks brands has continued to grow significantly throughout the past three decades, rising to become one of the biggest names across the globe.

The company’s brand strategy aims to create a culture of belonging, whilst also challenging the status quo - two things that are often reflected within both its branches and products.

7. Salesforce – 8.35%

Cloud computing specialist has become increasingly well known for its commitment to sustainability and clean energy, now operating as a net-zero company in terms of greenhouse gas emissions in 2017.

6. McDonalds – 9.22%

McDonalds mission statement that has remained in place since 2013 is plain and simple: “McDonald's brand mission is to be our customers' favourite place and way to eat and drink.”

Driving this is the company’s “Plan to Win” that aims to deliver exceptional customer experience, with a key focus on promotion, price, place, products and people.

5. Amazon – 9.39%

Amazon’s overriding strategy is largely focused on increasing its market share – something that has fuelled firm’s continual growth across the board.

Most recently, Amazon priced its new echo range at a significantly cheaper rate compared to Google’s voice recognition virtual assistant product range, with a key focus on not only maintaining but further growing its market share.

4. Lowe’s – 10.59%

Retail home improvement company Lowe’s has put a large emphasis on its social responsibility, looking to offer both top level customer service and community service.

The company states that it see’s community service as an investment opportunity, something that it attributes to becoming the second largest home improvement retailer in the world.

One initiative within this includes the Lowe’s and Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation that has supported thousands of community and education projects.

3. KFC – 11.30%

KFC’s global brand consistently looks to go against the status quo, with the fried chicken specialists offering a number of products that would not normally be associated with such a brand, including flavoured nail polish, home goods and apparel, and even a romantic novel that stars Colonel Sanders.

2. Xfinity – 11.48%

Comcast has put huge stress on expanding its Xfinity brand that the company uses to market its consumer technology services such as cable television, internet, telephone and wireless.

To do this, Xfinity has leveraged iconic profiles such as the Minions and Kevin Hart, in addition to rolling out the X1 challenge that sees a tour bus travel around to allow consumers to compare X1 features to competing providers and platforms.

1. Netflix – 14.20%

In addition to featuring first on Aaron Wallis’ list of the fastest growing US brands, Netflix is the highest placed US company on Forbes Top Regarded Companies list 2017.

Netflix has grown its user base to over 100mn subscribers within the space of just a decade.

The company works by 10 core values: Judgement, communication, curiosity, innovation, courage, passion, selflessness, inclusion, integrity, impact.

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