Founded in 1996, CBC Services, Inc. has been a go-to partner for oil and gas pipeline construction, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), and station installations for over a decade. Brothers Greg, Delton, and Jeff Caskey initially founded CBC Services, Inc. as a local contracting company, but CBC expanded in 2003 and now performs full oil and gas pipeline installations throughout the United States.

CBC Pipeline, LLC. is headquartered in Goldonna, Louisiana, has a regional office in Cadiz, Ohio, and establishes local field offices in proximity to its current projects. The company has completed work in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, West Virginia, and Louisiana, as well as Ohio.

While the company currently has around 300 employees, 2013 was a banner year for CBC, and while a great year is always cause for celebration, CBC actively pursues expansion opportunities, specifically through the creation of Master Service Agreements (MSAs) with potential energy partners. Keith Caskey, CBC’s Engineer and Project Manager, believes CBC’s safety record will definitely be a factor in its future success.

“We are always striving for growth,” he said, “and we are not willing to compromise safety in the process.”


Caring About Safety

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For CBC Pipeline, safety isn’t just an industry standard: it’s the top priority. CBC Pipeline believes its maintenance of a clean safety record gives its partners confidence in its work and at the end of the day, the goal is that both parties leave with a record that’s spotless.

“It is the intent of safety to provide safe and healthy working conditions, and to establish and insist upon safe practices at all times, by all employees,” Joe Porcaro, Safety Director and Lead Safety Specialist, said.

Along with internal safety checks, CBC Pipeline operates under OSHA guidelines. Due to rising industry standards, many of CBC’s employees are Veriforce-trained for their appropriate tasks before going to the field. CBC Pipeline is certified through Veriforce and ISNetworld, and is currently pursuing certification through PICS.


“We cover the potential hazards and concerns to make sure that everyone goes home the way they show up,” Gavin Caskey, Project and HDD Coordinator, said.


A Full Service Oil and Gas Contractor

A clean record of safety is important to CBC Pipeline, no matter what the project. And the projects are, in fact, quite diverse—spanning the whole oil and gas spectrum from pipeline construction to station installation and from project start to completion.

Whether installing small gathering systems, large transmission pipelines, or performing an HDD bore, CBC Pipeline’s highly experienced staff handles each project in a dependable, efficient manner.

Currently, CBC Pipeline has a number of major projects underway with big players in the Utica Shale. In addition to its recently-completed 3.6 miles of 6- and 24-inch pipe in Monroe and Noble counties, CBC Pipeline is currently installing over 30 miles of various sized pipelines throughout eastern Ohio. This includes 14 miles of multiple-sized lines in Harrison County, 10 miles of 10-inch, 4 miles of 20-inch, and 1.2 miles of 12-inch pipe in Belmont County, and 5.3 miles of 12-inch pipe in Carroll County.


Fostering Strong Relationships

CBC Pipeline consistently works with a number of different partners and has built relationships based on trust and accountability.

“CBC Pipeline's mission has always been to ensure that every project is completed as safely and effectively as possible in order to provide our clients with utmost satisfaction,” the company writes. “We strive to meet each deadline while providing quality work, excellent service, and a personable experience that will bring our clients back time and again.”

Caskey explained that CBC Pipeline’s relationships with those it works with give it a competitive edge.

“We take everything they say into consideration and try to do the best every time,” he said. “If there is any job that needs to be done, we will get it done safe and efficiently. We keep at it and try to be the best. We make sure the quality of work remains high, as well as on time and on budget.”

This level of interpersonal and organizational excellence have also allowed CBC Pipeline to foster relationships with its supply chain and partners, making for a more efficient and effective completion of any given project.

As CBC Pipeline enters its second decade, it hopes to continue the successes of its first, all while continuing to drive improvement and foster growth. 

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