Since its establishment in 2008, City Core Commercial Contracting has developed a reputation for providing quality projects and an overall positive experience to clients. The company began as a general contractor and has been experiencing consistent growth since its creation.


The company has been evolving its construction and development process and has recently determined that the brand and company culture needs to reflect this evolution.  Thus, on December 5, 2014, the company was excited to launch the re-branding as the company officially became “CREATE.”


Bart Hribar, president of CREATE., discusses this new image and how the company expects to continue its growth in the industry.  With a company mission to create desirable spaces, Hribar explains that the company has evolved beyond the services it originally offered when it was known as City Core Commercial Contracting.


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 Hribar states, “We realized that since 2008 when we started this company that we’ve outgrown the name and we’ve evolved.  After a number of surveys, it was made clear to us that it might be a good idea to individuate from the ‘City Core’ name itself in a positive way by evolving into a company where what we really do is make or produce spaces, and a word for make or produce is Create.”


He continues, “We wanted to come up with a name that showed our expansion and showed we’re evolving.”



Sustaining Consistent Growth

So how has City Core Commercial Contracting sustained its success to allow for the evolution and overall re-branding as CREATE.? Hribar explains that one of the reasons is the enthusiastic team of employees.


“It’s all about the team; We’re very particular about the members on our team and we want everyone to fit in properly. Most importantly, they all have to have a desire to succeed. As a company, you’re only going to succeed if you have people that want to grow and succeed in delivering the product to the client,” he states.


Additionally, as it is inevitable for problems or delays to occasionally arise during projects, the way a company overcomes the obstacles and communicates the problems to the client can make a huge difference in the client’s experience.


“It’s how you deal with the deficiencies or things that need to be improved, that’s what makes a company different,” states Hribar, “We come to the client ahead of time telling them that we are aware of any deficiencies that need to be corrected and right away they feel they’ve been acknowledged. Then, we go further and tell them how and when we’re going to take care of it.”


CREATE. uses mantras and its “Big 6” fundamental approach to construction (and developments) to ensure that there is open communication and clarity between the client and the company at all times.  This has proven to be extremely beneficial in delivering products, which Hribar stresses is the number one thing clients will remember.


“All you have to do it listen to clients and next, all you have to do is deliver. It sounds simple but it’s true and highly effective. We notice that the one thing clients will never forgive you for is failure to deliver.”


All of these components contribute to the overall excellent experience that is provided to the customer, which will keep them returning for continued business. 


At a certain level among the top construction companies, there is no doubt that any one of them can deliver a quality product, but it is the companies, such as CREATE., that provide a positively memorable experience that will continue to succeed.


Top 5 Projects

As a top construction company in the industry, CREATE. has a large portfolio of projects.  Allen Clayton, vice president of operations, discusses five of these interesting projects. 


Completed in the summer of 2013, one of the top projects CREATE. delivered was at the Webber Academy.  This 10,000 square foot project was an expansion of the school’s science wing.


Clayton states, “There were very high expectations and the timeline was very tight. We had to build it over the summer vacation and have it ready for the new students coming in for the new school year.” The project was successfully completed on time despite the tough deadlines and the school has offered additional project opportunities to CREATE. as well that are currently underway.


Another exciting project was the University of Calgary Medical Center. CREATE. was brought on as a construction manager through the real estate income trust, Northwest Healthcare Properties, to re-purpose the old theater into a functional medical space.  The building is now used as a teaching facility for recent graduates and students of the University, as well as a health service center for the community. This project was completed in 2012.


CREATE. is working on to separate the long standing iconic restaurant, Melrose, into two smaller buildings.  One, which is expected to be open just before Christmas, will be a stand-alone building with a 3000 square foot patio. Upon completion, the space will be occupied by a bakery.  The second building of the project has not commenced yet but Clayton reveals the intention is to design it as a two story iconic building on the famous red mile 17th avenue, in the entertainment district in Calgary.


CREATE. has recently secured the Chaparral Medical building project.  The building will be leased out to a southern Calgary primary care network which will provide the community with healthcare services.  It is a multidisciplinary clinic that is geared towards increasing accessibility within the community for healthcare and will incorporate lower risk maternity family care and educational training facilities.


Lastly, the company is working with Canada Beef, an organization that represents the beef producers in Canada, to build the organizations new food, development and education venue in Calgary.  Once complete, this exciting project will provide research, development and education on the product.  The building will include a consumer demonstration kitchen, a commercial kitchen, a demonstration theater and a beef fabrication room.  It will be a venue to host delegates from all over the world to demonstrate Canada Beef’s product.


Overall, CREATE. has been and will continue to be extremely busy with its portfolio of projects and Hribar expresses the importance of collaborating with sub contractors and trades to successfully provide the best project to clients.


“Nobody does this on their own and without the excellent trades that we have, we wouldn’t get any job done. We’re very big on trade relationships,” states Hribar, “Any way we can help them succeed means they’ll help us succeed and more importantly, the client gets what they want.”

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