Established in 2004, Clobracon Construction Inc. is a construction company with a focus in private sector projects.  The company offers a variety of construction contract formats to clients including lump-sum tender, construction management, construction management maximum upset, and design-build.  The efficiency and superior workmanship that is exhibited while delivering projects has resulted in constant repeat business and a reputation that attracts new clients as well.


Michel Tylbor, president of Clobracon Construction, states “We are very flexible and cooperative to work with.  We’ve heard this from many clients and consultants and that they enjoy working with us.  We are known for respecting a schedule; it’s our reputation on the line.”


Taking on Challenging Projects

The company works with clients including Sergakis Group, Westmont Group, CBRE and is currently working on four project with Smart Center.  Recently, the company has been demonstrating its success through some top projects including the TAV College project and the Delta Hotel project.

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The TAV College project is a six story private college project that Clobracon was referred for primarily based on the company’s respectable reputation.  Tylbor explains that the project was very difficult because it was constructed on one of the busiest street in Montreal and though the project began in the summer of 2013, the early winter challenged Clobracon to work fast on its feet to still complete the project on time and in budget the following summer.  Extensive planning and coordinating was required but the company was still able to complete the project within the scheduled time period.



The Delta Hotel was another challenging project that Clobracon was able to execute on time and in budget.  This project was split into four phases and required tremendous amounts of planning because Clobracon demolished the exterior walls and installed new structural support and brick exterior to the building all while the hotel was still in operation.  Though this was extremely challenging, Clobracon has successfully worked through the project and is currently in the final phase, expecting to complete the project this month.


“We’re not afraid to take the jobs that may be a bit off the beaten path, in terms of complexity and difficulty.  We’re always willing to try to new things and that’s been very good for us,” states Tylbor.


Celebrating 10 Years

Though in recent years the company has worked on many new construction projects, when Clobracon Construction Inc. first began its main focus was on renovations.  The company would completely redo old buildings from top to bottom to demonstrate dramatic transitions.  This was the beginning of its reputation for quality and Clobracon quickly began to establish faithful clients that continued to return for repeat business.  Tylbor explains that Clobracon strives for continuous improvement and ensures quality in every project because the planning and review process in house is extremely meticulous.


He says, “I’m very personally very hands on and I’m always talking to my team.  We’re always trying to re-adjust, if we see something is not working, we are always trying to be sure that we don’t have the same issues again.”


This commitment to quality and strong reputation has resulted in continued success as the company celebrates its 10 year anniversary.  Tylbor stresses the importance of a good reputation and he explains that many of the projects Clobracon receives are due to repeat business from clients.  He explains that Clobracon may not always be the least expensive, but clients receive a quality project and a positive relationship throughout the entire process.


“Repeat business is what got us to where we are.  All of our work is word of mouth and reputation.  Your reputation follows you for good or for bad.  We always try to build on that and I think that’s what’s going to keep moving us forward.”

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