From new construction to high rise curtain wall repairs, to high profile retrofits to changing windows in 30 story skyscrapers, and from fixing the front door of local businesses to investigating and repairing skylight leaks, Evolution Glass Inc. is one of the finest, most comprehensive commercial glazing contractors.


"We're a commercial glazing company. We are involved with commercial service — door and window replacements, and things of that nature. We also get into commercial construction, so that can be new construction or retrofit construction, such as new buildings, glass partitions, insides of buildings, aluminum and glass doors, etc. We do a fair amount of retrofit, which can involve stripping a building down, and then repairing the inner workings of it and putting it back together," said Evolution Glass' Senior Project Manager Richard Munro.


As the company name might suggest, the Company itself has gone through quite a significant evolution since its beginning, starting off as a very small, strictly service based company. They started just fixing doors and changing windows, and have since branched out from there into much larger, multi-million dollar projects. 


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What makes Evolution particularly unique, what their branding revolves around, is the company's very intense focus on customer service. "We're constantly trying to address whatever the needs of the customer are; very quickly, promptly and efficiently," said Munro. 


Evolution counts their dedication to supreme customer service as one of the strongest contributors to their overall competitive advantage. They use the fundamentals of their customer service department, and inject those into every aspect of the business. The Company has been able to quickly adapt their speedy service approach to all their areas of operation thanks to service having been at the core of what they do from the very beginning. 



Evolution readily recognizes that they wouldn't be able to provide the customer service they do without all the genuine, hard working people that work their business. "We've always been highly focused on employee satisfaction. Our employees are out there every day, representing Evolution Glass in the field, and we trust them explicitly. We're always on the lookout for how we can do better for them. They're doing a top-notch job for us, delivering a high-quality product and service for the customer," said Munro. 


Munro also highlighted Evolution's people as being one of the top contributors to the Company's steady growth: "Our people are the most important part of our business. The guys that are out there in the field, doing the work, they're constantly generating repeat business through the quality they execute."


Providing Personal Service, Even When It’s Commercial


Another competitive advantage the company enjoys is furnished by the closeness in which their dedicated project managers work with their clients. These project managers apply the Company's supreme customer service element in everything they do, combining that with extensive industry knowledge and experience. Their project managers work with clients to ensure that schedules and budgets are met at all times. And the Company's state of the art aluminum manufacturing equipment delivers the highest quality of fabricated curtain walls, skylights, storefronts, windows and doors. With a fleet of commercial glazing vehicles and an outstanding crew of journeyman and apprentice glaziers, they are ready for all challenges.


Furthermore, their service vehicles and technicians are equipped with the knowledge and materials required to handle most jobs immediately and upon their arrival. They also offer a triaged priority call service to ensure that all requests are handled smoothly, quickly and efficiently. "We're constantly diverting and reworking our schedules to accommodate the fluctuations that come with working in the day-to-day service world. We've applied that same technique to our new construction world," said Munro. This flexibility in service calls and ability to respond quickly continues to help the company secure an increasing variety in clientele. 


Despite their willingness to work fast, the Company always takes time for health and safety, integrating proper protocols throughout their operations. Evolution Glass has proudly developed a comprehensive and in-depth health and safety program and policy manual, and they have successfully achieved their Certificate of Recognition in the Partners in Injury Reduction program (COR) through the Government of Alberta. They are also Contractor Check and Comply Works certified. 


Calgary Zoo Projects


Evolution Glass' variety of experience has enabled them to work on a wide variety of projects, including a unique Komodo Dragon enclosure at the Calgary Zoo alongside PCL Construction. This project had specific, unique requirements and challenges, but Evolution was able to address all their concerns, make the zoo happy, and as a result win additional business there, such as the predator barrier glass addition at the Penguin enclosure. This project included some unique engineering that Evolution hadn't incorporated before, further expanding their portfolio of work. 


Evolution has also completed successful projects at Central Park Plaza, 715 5th Avenue SW, Cactus Club, Bromley Square, Royal Tyrell Museum, Peter Lougheed Hospital and a wide variety of other significant bodies of work throughout the city and Southern Alberta. 


Next Stage of Evolution


As part of the Company's steady growth and great success, Evolution has some major investments in play. For example, they will be relocating their office space in the next couple of months as they've outgrown their current space. This move will triple the size of their warehouse and office area. 


"We've found our niche in the industry, made a name for ourselves, and have a consistent client base. We're going to see where we can take it from there," said Munro. 

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