Utility and government asset owners continue to face infrastructure related challenges as aging plant and equipment near or exceed their useful life threshold.  To combat this, asset owners are implementing capital intensive upgrades and replacement programs at accelerated rates.  In many cases organizations are looking to partner with external firms that have the expertise and experience to help drive these large asset upgrade initiatives.


Utility Solutions helps asset owners by performing plant inventories and asset condition inspections on critical plant components such as poles, lines and distribution devices.  Both inventory and assessment data are crucial to the design of a comprehensive and practical asset management plan.


As a full service organization, Utility Solutions also provides design services to asset owners.  Detailed designs involve undertaking extensive field work to ensure that all details concerning the placement and/or upgrade of plant meets industry codes and utility standards.  Design services are provided for overhead lines, underground cabling and civil structures.

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All designs are created using automated design tools and CADD.  Utility Solutions often utilizes GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to model designs and builds for clients.  GIS systems have several applications related to engineering, planning, management and telecommunications. Utility Solutions are expert users of both Intergraph and ESRI GIS technologies.



The full range of Utility Solutions technical and field related services include:


  • Overhead distribution line design
  • Underground cabling design
  • Underground civil structure designs (e.g., conduits, vaults, splice boxes, etc.)
  • Full field audits of distribution plant and equipment
  • Wood pole inspection – sound and bore testing
  • Concrete and steel pole inspection
  • Vault and manhole inspection
  • Street lighting inspection
  • GIS mapping and system modeling

    While a large percentage of Utility Solutions’ client base is electric utility organizations, Utility Solutions has expanded its expertise in recent years to include both gas and municipal customers.  Whether the asset is a pole line, a gas main or a road network, quality asset management data gathered from the field is still a critical component to a comprehensive asset management refurbishment plan.


    Utility Solutions has focused on the Ontario marketplace, but is also capable of providing services outside of its home base.  British Columbia and India are two examples of where Utility Solutions has provided “boots on the ground” field services.


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    Recent projects
    Expertise and professionalism


    Utility Solutions believes it plays an important role in helping clients achieve their customer, financial and safety goals as they apply to public infrastructure. The relationship between USC and its clients is a true public- private partnership that works well.  Utility Solutions looks forward to continuing its role in helping asset owners successfully manage their infrastructure challenges. 

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