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Taking a project from design all the way through build is already a tall order for most construction companies, but Paulsan Construction Inc. does more than that: they care.

Founded in 2011, this Ontario-based company has quickly established itself as a reliable contractor with an eye for quality. While still relatively young, it’s quickly developing strong relationships with clients that know they can depend on Paulsan to get the job done right and on-time.

Paulsan Construction was founded by partners Paul McCaig and Sandro D’Ambrosi. McCaig has served since as the managing partner and president. Among other duties, he establishes the direction for sales while facilitating active relationships with clients and prominent suppliers.

“We are managing our growth,” McCaig said. “Our staff has grown to 25 employees very quickly, we are taking on larger projects and continuing to implement systems to handle more expansive staff projects while at the same time continuing to service our clients like a small company.”

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Keeping that small company attention to detail is incredibly important to Paulsan Construction. In fact, one of the cornerstones of the company’s business is an outlook on jobs that they call “Design. Build. Care.”

The words are more than just a motto. In a nutshell, it’s a promise to plan and execute a project all the way through from design through completion with the most innovative, quality and lasting solutions possible.

While harder to define, caring means that the company is dedicated to ensuring that the customers’ needs are being met and they will never cut corners to achieve this. The founding partners are just as invested in a project as their employees in the field and the attitude is paying off—quickly.


With a wide range of ongoing projects, clients are already recognizing the special attention to detail that Paulsan Construction was founded on. One example is the construction management of two large apartment structures in Brantford.

“We started construction in the fall on the first one – a seven story, 153 unit apartment building,” McCaig said. “These buildings will be identical and will be the first major expansion for market rent units in the Brantford area in many years. They will be higher end finishes for the 50 plus crowd that does not want the hassle of ownership.”

At the same time, Paulsan Construction continues to nurture a strong relationship with leading natural health retailer, Goodness Me! The company is currently in the middle of interior fit-outs for their fourth and fifth stores for Goodness Me! located in Paris and Waterloo. According to McCaig, the two parties are already discussing plans for additional stores in the next year.

McCraig explains that the partnership continues to strengthen and grow due to the similar values the two companies share. He sates, “We found that we had common interests, ideals and we shared the same type of business ethics, objectives and relationship building. We both want to work with good people that are honest, dedicated and responsive to the customer’s needs.”

The praise goes both ways.

Warwick Flynn, development manager for Goodness Me! explains,"When we initiated and signed the first contract for Mississauga, we didn't know what Paulsan was capable of. We just entrusted they would do a job well done."

He continues, "That project was the foundation of our relationship. We trust and know that Paulsan will provide a quality job because of the work they have already done for us."

Additionally, in a testimonial, Warwick writes, “My overall experience with your organization was very positive and I look forward to working with all of you again. I would without a doubt recommend Paulsan for any future Goodness Me! projects to any potential clients”. In fact, Paulsan Construction is currently working on its sixth project with Goodness Me!

Paulsan Construction’s portfolio extends beyond private contracts, having completed numerous projects for the Grand Erie District School Board (GEDSB), including the Norfolk Public Library and Lakewood Elementary School.

“We continue to work with the GEDSB on small projects and have been awarded some of their larger projects too,” McCaig said. “We treat their staff with the upmost of respect, making sure that their projects, goals and objectives are met.  Our practice when it comes to costing and budgets has been very good for them. We treat them fairly and pride ourselves in not taking advantage of unknown conditions.”

Paulsan Construction has covered a lot of ground in a very short period of time and their employees are growing with them. The company provides their dynamic and motivated employees with benefits, incentives and training, all designed to make them feel welcome and to allow them to grow along with a company that treats them like family.

And that’s central to Paulsan’s future.

“[We want to] be better at what we do – it is not important to grow at such a pace, but what is important is that we will continue to do quality work and stay on top of innovation advancement in the industry,” McCaig said.  “Everyone has room to develop and grow in their skills and, in doing so we will continue to provide exceptional service to our clients.”

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