Solid presence around the region through sales and interaction

The Stryker brand is a recognized as one of the major players in orthopedics and healthcare, with its presence in Latin America supporting its global status as a premier supplier.

   Both private and public hospitals benefit from Stryker, whose success results from locating key areas that the company's products and overall presence are able to improve the value of healthcare services. 

Cutting-edge technology ambassadors

Stryker LATAM's network provides the entire region with innovative medical products and devices, developed with the most advanced technology for use in surgery, rehabilitation, monitoring and hospitalization.

   One of Stryker LATAM's most efficient strategies consists of having dedicated local employees closely involved in day-to-day activities in each market, helping customers deliver optimal care for their patients. Each regional representative's role is crucial to new strategy evaluation at the company's headquarters in the U.S.

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   “The diversity of these operations allows us to better understand local needs and to build strong working relationships with our customers,” Signorin explained.

Providing the goods and the knowledge to use them

Stryker’s presence in the region is far from being only a business venture. Aside from producing products and instruments, the company also provides workshops for healthcare professionals on subjects such as proper use for new products and new surgical procedure techniques. Stryker also works also with colleges and other medical institutions.


Strict control of the supply chain

In order to manufacture its great products, Stryker counts on suppliers that can provide the best materials and components. Most of the company's R&D facilities and plants are located in the U.S. and Europe and subsequently distributed to their destination regions. In order to have inventory close to its customers, Stryker has a few large central distribution centers and warehouses in countries where the brand has a presence.

   The company builds strong relationships with local and regional suppliers, especially third party logistics providers, for product transportation and warehousing.

   "Reliability is the key. Our suppliers must be reliable. They must operate with the highest quality standards and must be willing to collaborate with our company and our customers," the executive said.

Tech and innovation-driven endeavors

Stryker LATAM is driven to make healthcare better. At the end of the supply chain there is always a patient; therefore, avoiding disruptions and being able to adapt to changing client needs is extremely important. Every new development is directed to assist patients into leading a more active and satisfactory lifestyle through orthopedics, surgery, and neurology.

Already a “Great Place to Work

The staff at Stryker LATAM delivers based on core values such as integrity, reliability, and performance. In response, the company acknowledges the importance of attracting, retaining and developing great employees. Stryker Mexico and Brazil have been certified by the Great Place to Work global survey.

   “These values are part of our DNA and are fundamental to how we execute our mission,” Signorin said.

Short term projections

In 2016, Stryker hopes to introduce a series of new products in the region in expanded clinical segments such as joint care and endoscopy. 

   The region’s historical macroeconomic and political scenarios are challenging for a company that has recorded 35 straight years of positive figures, with total sales of more than $9.7 billion. Stryker is able to sustain this 18 percent growth rate by developing high quality innovative products and operational excellence.

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