Videojet Technologies Inc.: Offering Top of the Line Code Assurance as a World Leader in Coding and Marking

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Videojet Technologies Inc. is a worldwide leader in the product identification market.  They offer coding and marking solutions to customers and with over 3,000 employees and thirty direct operations around the world, Videojet provides all regions with high quality service and code assurance. 


Code Assurance is the Videojet comprehensive approach to centralized message management and printing control to ensure the right code is on the product or primary package and matches the secondary package, and so on through production, to confirm that shipments are labeled and packaged correctly time after time.


Director of Product Management and Systems Solutions, John Nobers, explains the importance of Code Assurance in all industries and how Videojet offers exceptional services by listening to customers and assisting them in determining the best solution for their specific business.  Nobers explains that “the challenge for us is that we are always looking to enable a customer’s solutions in whatever industry they may be.  Our goal is to understand a customer’s needs and help them choose the right coding technology for their packaging.”  


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Offering Dependable Code Assurance


So how does Videojet ensure Code Assurance for their customers?  By focusing on some of the main challenges customers have in their coding processes, Videojet can accurately identify the solutions that best meet customers’ objectives.  Since customers are always looking to provide the best for their customers, they’re looking for high code quality and productivity to make sure the right code is consistently in the right place on the right product at the right time.  Videojet can offer this because their printers are designed to provide low maintenance, low intervention and high uptimes, which allow for less downtime on customers’ lines and longer run times between preventive maintenance. 


“What our software does is to help ensure not only that you’ve selected the right code for the product, but it also tells each downstream printing operation the exact code to put on the bottle or the aggregate case set.  As a customer, you can trigger your line from one printer.  You don’t have to set up another printer or punch in another number. Our software automatically sets Code Assurance in your line,” states Nobers. This provides a great value to customers both in their productivity and providing a better value.


There are many opportunities for a system to fail in a production line, so Videojet prides itself on maintaining reliability.  Videojet has developed technology that can identify when there is a problem within the production and notify the customer so that continued coding errors do not appear on the products.  Nobers explains, “We make sure that our customers’ products are getting the marking and coding they need for their products and if they aren’t, our printers have the ability to provide warnings or auto shut-downs to alert the customer to take action.”


Global Launch of the Videojet 9550 Print & Apply Labeler


Recently, Videojet launched its newest labeler the 9550. This new innovation helps the customer reduce downtime and reduce the cost of ownership for parts while offering incredible ease of use.  The ribbons on the label reels can be changed in less than 60 seconds. “That’s the type of innovation we bring to the market,” Nobers proudly states. “It’s strengthening an area where we listen to our customers when they need more.  That’s the type of innovation and investment we use to bring more value to our customers and help them advance their product lines.”  The 9550 was launched the first week of May and has had great success since this global launch.


Continuous improvement


Videojet focuses on a number of LEAN manufacturing continuous improvement processes and employs them throughout the company’s business, whether it’s in the product development process or their manufacturing system. Employees go through a training program to incorporate LEAN best practices and are trained in Problem Solving Processes (PSP) so that they can best assist customers in getting to the root of the problem to create an effective resolution that has the greatest impact. 


Nobers explains that there are three very important objectives to Videojet as a company: listening to customers, enabling solutions for customers, and continuing this listening and enabling to bring value to customers’ businesses and provide the best marking and coding solutions worldwide. “We listen to our customers.  I think that’s the most important thing. We listen and we take that information and turn it into value for our customers.  And then within our own business, we’re always trying to optimize our process and execution.  It’s critical to bring that value to our customers and re-invest in the markets and businesses that we’re in,” says Nobers.

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