Canada among most desired destinations for international business students

anna smith
|Jun 9|magazine3 min read

Data released by US-based Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) found that between 2009 and 2016, Canada rose to the top five section of its international study destinations list.

Last year, Canada reached second place (from fifth in 2009) as a favourite for prospective MBA African students. Canada reached third place in the same period for students from Central and South Asia. Last year, the country also came fifth for prospective students from the US and the Middle East.

Why is Canada so popular with international students? Some believe that Canada offers a progressive alternative to anti-immigrant policies in the US and Britain. These countries impose study and postgraduation restrictions on foreign students.

GMAC’s director of research Gregg Schoenfeld also added that in Canada, there is relative ease in obtaining a work permit after graduation.

“It seems to be government policies affecting student mobility toward Canada,” he said. “Schools may want to highlight government policies about work visas, work permits and the relative ease of getting a student visa.”