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Companies Led by Women are More Likely to Reach Funding Goals on Kickstarter

Jabong world
|Aug 18|magazine2 min read

Companies led by women are more likely to reach their fundraising goals on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, than companies led by men. The report, conducted by researchers at New York University and the University of Pennsylvania, focused on 1,250 projects and highlighted that while men make up the majority of people giving on the site, companies headed up by women were more likely to meet their funding targets.

The study looked at projects in five categories: Fashion, publishing, film, tech and games. Even in largely male-dominated sectors such as tech, women still outperformed male-led ventures by significant margins.  

Researchers found that female backers were largely responsible for the trend, due to the fact that they wanted to support fellow businesswomen.

It’s refreshing to see a buck in the trend. Traditional methods of fundraising, such as banks and venture capitalists, typically favor male entrepreneurs and business leaders.