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Leo Burnett Canada Wins Agency of the Year

|Nov 4|magazine14 min read


Leo Burnett Canada has won the first-ever Agency of the Year award presented at the 62nd annual Advertising & Design Club of Canada (ADCC) awards show, Directions, as well as eight gold, 25 silver and 32 merit awards.

Under the leadership of recently appointed CEO/CCO Judy John, Leo BurnettCanada has increased its ADCC award wins by nearly 500 per cent, taking home 65 awards.

"I'm extremely proud of our team tonight. It's such an honor to be named the first-ever Agency of the Year by the ADCC," John said. "I'm fortunate to work with such a talented group. The teams worked really hard. They deserve the honor for all the awards they won."

Gold-winners include: James Ready campaigns - "Save 25 Cents" and "Pop-Up Billboard" - in the Billboard category; James Ready's "Haircuts" in the Ambient category; James Ready's "Cap Recall" in the Direct Mail category; Driving R4's "Radio Public Service" in the Radio category; Kellogg's' Fibre Plus "100%" in the Integrated Campaign category; James Ready's "Cap Recall" in the Promo category; and ADCC's "Love/Hate" in the Craft Awards category.

Silver campaigns include: Bounty's "Soup" in the Newspaper category; James Ready's "Haircuts," "Portraits," "Fall Billboard Campaign," "Pet Shop," "Wieners," and "Free Comb" in the Billboard category; Bounce's "Pet Repellent" in the Illustration category; "Nothing But Potential" public service ad in the Public Service Ad category; James Ready's "Portraits," "Pet Shop," "Wieners," "Free Comb," and "Save 25 Cents" in the Ambient category; Manwhich's "Hair" in the TV category; James Ready's "Haircuts" in the Radio category; James Ready's "Cap Recall" and "Pop-Up Billboard" in the Media Innovation category; ADCC's "Love/Hate" in the Craft Awards category; ADCC's "Love/Hate" in the Best Copy Writing Award category, and James Ready's "Pet Shop," "Wieners," "Free Comb," "Save 25 Cents," and "Portraits" in the Promo category.

The ADCC is the premier creative awards show in Canada celebrating the advertising industry including mediums such as broadcast, print, graphic design, editorial design and interactive media.

Edited by: Kristin Craik