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ServiceNow: driving digitalisation with McDermott

Kevin Galloway, Director of Enterprise Sales, and Sunny Mahato, Advisory Solution, Consultant at ServiceNow discusses the partnership with McDermott

|Aug 6|magazine7 min read

ServiceNow is an industry leading SaaS provider, helping to make the world work better for people and has a mission to improve the overall employee experience.

ServiceNow has formed a key, strategic relationship with McDermott and helps the organisation with their digital strategy. Kevin Galloway is a Director of Enterprise Sales at ServiceNow. Having been with the company since February 2019, he has operated in the oil and gas industry over the past decade and has observed the rise of digital transformation first-hand. “Before McDermott brought in ServiceNow, they had a very manual process,” he explains. “If there was an issue, it would have to be passed around different employees until it reached the right person. With ServiceNow, we automate that process.” Sunny Mahato is an experienced technology leader with experience in strategic account software sales cycles, advanced enterprise software applications, business process optimisation, solution development and consultancy. He believes that ServiceNow’s solution is of significant value to McDermott as it streamlines the process considerably. “McDermott doesn't have to worry about maintaining or managing the servers or having people go into the office to look after it. It’s all driven from the cloud.”

Prior to joining forces with ServiceNow, McDermott had no way of tracking inventory or streamlining their HR processes. Galloway believes that upon the beginning of the partnership with his organisation, the cost savings have been considerable. “McDermott went from 100% manual intervention and spreadsheets to now running our platform which they now use as ERP,” he says. “They track millions of dollars of assets automatically through our platform and their onboarding process has transformed from a manual process to a workflow which streamlines that process. Sometimes, people don’t realise the cost involved with some of these manual processes and the cost savings are in the millions.” Mahato affirms the importance of displaying a compassionate and understanding approach to customers and employees alike. “Our mission is all about showing compassion to not just employees but also our customers, particularly in the current challenging environment,” says Mahato. “We want our employees and customers to know that we stand with them.”

Looking to the future, Galloway has a clear idea of the next stage of the partnership with McDermott. “As we continue to grow our relationship with McDermott, we want to begin to leverage AI into our platform and machine learning to help McDermott further automate their environment,” explains Galloway. “The world is going more mobile, particularly because of COVID-19. Working from home isn’t going to go away so being a cloud-based mobile platform provider has become more important than ever. The ability to connect mobily and through an automated fashion is vital.” Mahato adds that he believes in an agile and lean approach in order to drive success in the market. “We’re hopeful we can continue to help McDermott with project management and introducing greater technology such as AI and ML,” adds Mahato. “It’s crucial to be as proactive as possible instead of reactive.”

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