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Tips and Tricks for Commenting on Reddit

|Oct 13|magazine11 min read

Written by: Rob Rosales

Reddit is one of those magical bookmarking sites where community matters. Sometimes the comments under submissions are more interesting than the content itself. Redditors know this. It’s why they come back day after day, work hour after work hour, and invest their time, for better or worse, in viewing, enjoying, and contributing to the site in some way.

So why should you care? Reddit can be a great weapon in your arsenal of traffic generating bookmarking sites. However, whether you are submitting or commenting, the power lies in the impact of your wording. And if you want to build up your Reddit ‘Karma’ for maximum impact you’re going to have to learn to comment and ‘engage’ with this community pretty quickly.

Here are a few examples of ‘how’ to comment on Reddit posts, and hopefully get some massive ‘up votes’. The more up votes and ‘Comment Karma’, the more heavily Reddit weighs your submissions, and the more likely your blog/story/picture, etc will move to the front of Reddit.  Let’s get to it:

It goes without saying that your comment must ‘comment’(duh!) on the submission. So first off a few things to avoid in the structure and wording of your comments:

  • Avoid overly embellished and descriptive language. That’s right, tone it down Shakespeare. If your comments rank super high on the Oxford dictionary scale, they’ll likely rank low on the Reddit votes.
  • Avoid lame one or two word affirmations like, ‘cool!’, ‘awesome!’, ‘lol’, ‘hahahaha’, ‘Pretty sweet…’, ‘Funny.’,  “Me too!” etc – you get the picture.

Generally comments that rank high break down like this in terms of wit and language:

1.  Offers a useful contribution, such as a Wikipedia link to something that expands on the subject.

Under the sub-Reddit “WTF?” User  AndriusLTU posted a photo with the title "Seems legit"



And user Moh7 was the top rated comment with 9 points after writing:

“For the unaware...

Thats from a guy on bodybuilding.com.. he decided to go on a bulk, he ate crap food all day and gained nothing but fat.”

Moh7’s comment provides the back story and identifies the image’s original source: bodybuilding.com


 2. A short snarky comeback. They say brevity is the soul of wit. And you better believe it. Comments that exceed more than 3 lines of text(that don’t contribute a personal experience or value) will likely be ignored. Here’s an example

User Slaterson360 posted this photo under the WTF? Sub-Reddit with the title "So this shit happened when I tried to leave work"


 The comment with the highest upvotes had this to say from stuckit:

“Probably shouldn’t park under a lake.”

It’s short, cheeky, and pretty darn funny. Learn from stuckit Mr. Marketing.

3.  What everyone else was thinking. These type of comments don’t have to be necessarily funny or witty, but you have to be quick to the punch before another Redditor comments on it first.

Under “IAMA: I Am A..” sub-Reddit, JimmyTheBean posted that he was a video game developer:

Video game developer. I've done work for Disney and Cheetos. AMA

 Prolyfic posted the highest rated comment:

“Cheetos makes games?”

As simple as that. It’s what everyone else was wondering. It wasn’t clever, funny, but just what struck everyone as a surprise in the submission.


One last point. If you’re just looking for upvotes on your comments don’t only comment on submissions from the first page. If you want to make a mark do it first, and you can do it by looking a few pages behind.

Those are 3 quick tips to consider when keeping your Reddit account active with comment and link karma. Whether you’re a marketer or just an eager Redditor looking to make an impact, considering these tips will save you time and mental energy.