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[VIDEO] Time lapse captures the energy of UPS tackling the holiday shipping rush

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|Dec 22|magazine3 min read

Logistics businesses essentially never stop moving, but during the holidays the pace goes into overdrive—especially on December 22, reportedly the busiest day of the year for logistics giant UPS with 36 million packages on the line. How does the business tackle a day with such an enormous workload, not to mention enormous importance?

To answer that, the Associated Press put out an insightful backstage look at what goes on throughout the one-day shipping process at UPS’s 52 million square foot international air freight hub Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky.  

Automation plays a key role—packages are shuttled throughout the facility on sophisticated networks of conveyor belts, with employees handling the parcels only during the shipping container loading process. Those containers are loaded onto UPS planes which are also always in motion, as the video notes that during peak hours one plane touches down at Worldport every 60 seconds.

For the full tour of the process, check out the video and gain a better appreciation for your products making it into the hands of your retailers and end users on time:

[SOURCE: Associated Press via Bustle]