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Georgia Wilson|Nov 27, 2020|magazine

14 min read

Stakeholder management - the power of shared value & trust

Read NowBusiness Chief North America gains insight from BSR on the importance of shared value and trust to drive effective stakeholder engagement

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Cisco: expands WiFi in Michigan addressing digital divide

Cisco expands the access to WiFi in Michigan to address the digital divide

Georgia Wilson
|Nov 25, 2020|magazine

6 min read

IBM study identifies global consumer trends for the holidays

IBM study identifies that the majority of global consumers have embraced ecommerce and sustainability for the holidays

Georgia Wilson
|Nov 23, 2020|magazine

8 min read

Oracle: COVID-19 drives decentralised clinical trials

Survey conducted by Oracle, identifies COVID-19 as a driver for decentralised clinical trials

Georgia Wilson
|Nov 21, 2020|magazine

5 min read

IBM advance hybrid cloud & AI strategy with Instana

IBM enters into an agreement with Instana to acquire the company, advancing its hybrid cloud and AI strategy

Georgia Wilson
|Nov 20, 2020|magazine

5 min read

Top 10 impact trends on security as a result of COVID-19

Business Chief takes a look at Axis Communications' report on the ‘Impact of COVID-19 on the Security Industry’

Georgia Wilson
|Nov 19, 2020|magazine

1 min read

Henkel joins Amazon & Global Optimism’s Climate Pledge

Amazon and Global Optimism announce that Henkel has joined The Climate Pledge

Georgia Wilson
|Nov 18, 2020|magazine

7 min read

Gartner: 2021 global public cloud end-user spend to grow 18%

Gartner predicts global public cloud end-user spending will grow by 18% in 2021

Georgia Wilson
|Nov 17, 2020|magazine

5 min read

GE digitally transforms Albany International Airport

GE partners with Albany International Airport to digitally transform the airport, improving safety in a post pandemic world

Georgia Wilson
|Nov 16, 2020|magazine

7 min read

Is there a skills gap for effective Human/AI collaboration?

Business Chief takes a look at Accenture “Missing middle skills for Human-AI collaboration” report

Georgia Wilson
|Nov 14, 2020|magazine

6 min read

Accenture Federal Services wins $90mn US Air Force contract

Accenture’s Federal Services subsidiary wins a US$90mn contract for the US Air Force for an overhaul initiative and maintenance repair

Georgia Wilson
|Nov 13, 2020|magazine

4 min read


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