2015 Corporate Citizenship Conference

Oct 4 - Oct 6 | USA, District of Columbia, Washington D.C., 1615 H Street NW

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Connect the Dots: How Businesses Solves Global Challenges Locally

The world has many multifaceted challenges that require complex solutions. This is no easy task. No cure-all or one-size-fits-all solution exists, but there are innovations, partnerships, and strategies that create a lasting impact for communities around the world.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation 2015 Corporate Citizenship conference theme is Connect the Dots: How Businesses Solve Global Challenges Locally. This year’s conference will focus on how businesses build engagements that align local impact to global strategy and will showcase successful business examples.

We will look at a number of questions:

  • Should community solutions be global in scope or tailored to local needs? Is it cost-efficient to do both?
  • How can inter- and intra-sector partnerships be effective and meaningful?
  • How much focus should be given to impact measurement when it takes resources away from community investment? What is the right balance when resources are limited?
  • How do we address the root of social problems and not simply address the symptoms?

Over the years the Corporate Citizenship Center has examined how networks can amplify your impact, and what components and indicators foster positive and sustainable progress. This year, we will build on those learnings and powerful conversations to help businesses and their partners “Connect the Dots” for a better world.

The business community is a leading force in addressing the world’s challenges both in their backyards and across the globe. But no single business can do it alone. Join us as we connect the dots. 

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USA, District of Columbia, Washington D.C., 1615 H Street NW

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