North American Crude Markets and Storage Summit

Jun 28 - Jun 30 | USA, TX, Houston, 6 E Greenway Plaza

About Event

The industry is tirelessly working to manage the "new normal" crude pricing, with the current environment forcing re-evaluation of operations from all North Americas' producers, shippers and traders, as stakeholders adapt to volatility.

With domestic production outstripping demand, the hunt for the strongest markets and the most cost effective modes for supplying them has never been more critical. Further export volumes are being assessed as means to ensure U.S. competitiveness, and traders and shippers require commercial evaluation of said exports urgently. Storage capacity limitations are forcing stakeholders to explore innovative and unprecedented strategies to store their crude, both on and offshore, to capitalize on the contango.

Train derailments, pipeline capacity limitations and marine regulatory restrictions have prohibited the domestic crude takeaway, and shippers desperately require in depth cost-benefit comparisons of the different modes across different regions to ensure cost effective transportation.

These solutions and strategies are vital to surviving and thriving in the "new normal".

The North American Crude Markets & Storage Summit has been engineered to reveal these insights for producers, traders, midstream companies and refiners.

DAY ONE will evaluate on-going pricing dynamics and its implications for the strongest domestic markets, as well as future export opportunities, discussing the flavor of congress, lobbying best-practices and the potential netbacks expected from market regions such as Europe and Asia.

DAY TWO will reveal the most innovative storage strategies and developments both on and offshore, identifying the most cost-effective means of capitalizing on the contango, as well as the impact ongoing capacity limitations could have on crude pricing.

DAY THREE will compare the capacity, flexibility and costs across rail, pipeline and marine transportation for domestic markets to determine the most profitable method for each market region.

Five Reasons To Participate In The Industry's Foremost Crude Marketing Event...

  • The Only Truly Multi-Modal Event In North America Comparing Costs, Availability And Regulations Across Pipeline, Rail, Barge And Tanker Transportation
  • The First Event To Reveal Profitability Strategies In The Volatile Oil Price Environment, Pinpointing Specific Crude Markets In The US And Abroad
  • Unique Industry Perspectives On Best Practices For Realizing US Crude Export Volumes In Terms Of Regulation And Infrastructure, Including Lobbying Strategies
  • Regionally Specific Logistical Challenges Evaluated Providing Strategic Solutions To Reach Domestic Markets
  • Expert Evaluation Of The Latest Developments In On And Offshore Storage - How To Capitalize On The Contango




USA, TX, Houston, 6 E Greenway Plaza

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