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Bill Henneberry on the value of company culture

People make CORE Data Centres a special firm, believes Bill Henneberry, Chief Technology Officer, CORE Data Centres

|Feb 17|magazine3 min read
Bill Henneberry
CORE Data Centres Inc.

Chief Technology Officer

The pandemic and organic acceleration of digital transformation at an enterprise level has yielded big business for the data centre sector. Increased demand, and unique issues requiring equally singular solutions have kept designers and engineers busy. The fast-paced situation has placed great pressure on even the best teams juggling workloads with internal goals. But company culture and the people behind the job titles remain invaluable, Henneberry believes. 

“I try to hire people that enjoy what they do. The whole environment here is: you make your bed, you say you're going to do something, get it done, bottom line. We're not the type of people that feel the need to micromanage. Inevitably there will be times when the clients are going to give you a hard time, and you've got to work through that process. You have to listen, you have to learn. And if you make a mistake, you say we made a mistake and we'll fix it.”

Placing power into employees’ hands is one of the best ways to develop a world-leading team. 

“So bottom line, I think the culture here is good,” Henneberry says. “Those are the type of people we have working here, and that I like to work with. But we all need to have fun at work, too. Obviously, in these crazy times, I think we all need to have a little bit of fun. I've got a ping pong table in the back, and sometimes we’ll just go play ping pong for half an hour. It’s good to burn off some steam. 

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Bill Henneberry | CORE Data Centres Inc.