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Driving technology partnerships at Datorama

Boaz Ram, Head of Technology Partnerships has accelerated the power of Datorama’s ecosystem on its marketing platform

|Mar 9|magazine5 min read
Boaz Ram

Head of Technology Partnerships

The value of ecosystems on intelligent marketing platform Datorama, is cited by Boaz Ram, Head of Technology Partnerships, as the key to driving growth.

As part of the Datorama management team, Ram manages all types of partnerships, including overseeing Datorama's consulting partners globally and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) building solutions for the Datorama Marketplace.

Ram regards himself as a hands-on manager. “I like to set goals with my team and let them chase after those goals and let them use me as a resource for them, if they need to, and then have periodical check-ins. If there's trust and transparency and there's open communication with a team then it works well.”

“I started my professional life as an average, at best, software engineer for a small startup, my first boss pulled me into product management after a few years and told me this is a much better fit for you. I agree and, since then I haven't looked back,” said Ram.

He stayed in product for the next 15 years and had leadership roles witha MediaMind, which later was sold to Amazon. Ram moved into technology partnerships when he was encouraged to join Datorama three years ago.

“I help B2B and SAAS companies and CEOs grow their business to its full potential by defining product growth strategies and executing them through product development and partnerships,” says Ram.



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Boaz Ram | Datorama

A seasoned product management and business development executive Ram has more than 15 years of experience. Prior to joining Datorama, he worked for Adobe where he grew Adobe's Ad Cloud Social channel and established Adobe as the leading DSP in social He also grew Adobe's Ad Cloud Emerging channels, Display, Audio, Native and Out of Home 

During his time with Yahoo! as senior product manager he built a platform, from end-to-end to manage all video advertising. He also managed video monetisation of Yahoo in apps – including iOS, Android, Xbox, Apple TV and launched the first video ad in Yahoo screen app which got more than 50 million views. 

“A really good leader needs to define a vision, have the ability to articulate it and finally the determination and conviction to go ahead with it,” said Ram.

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