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Experienced director targets automation and new tech growth

Rhys Fernandez, Director of 5G Applications, is experienced in wireless, telecommunications, internet technologies and software industries

Rhys Fernandez
Talley Inc.

Director of 5G Applications

Rhys Fernandez is a dynamic executive with strategic vision and leadership abilities proven to increase company performance and penetration of key markets. 

He is a multi-discipline performer with 25-plus years of success in wireless technologies, telecommunications, Internet technologies and software industries, who has broad experience in achieving increased revenue targets, effective marketing strategies and company productivity. 

Specifically, he generates product sales in 5G applications for C-RAN and Small Cell and identifies needs for trending technology, supporting the hardware build as the network evolves, working in collaboration with both clients and manufacturers to determine optimum solutions and facilitate their speed to market.

He determines forecasting of new materials and manages product integration into the organization with Product Line Management and guides go-to-market strategy ensuring promotional messaging is clear.

He has extensive business experience and educational background to adapt and analyze changes in markets, technologies and customer demand.

His specialties cover Business Development across a variety of sectors; OEM, Service Providers, Enterprise, Oil/Gas, Utilities, and Government organizations. 

In his previous role as Training Manager, he directed, planned and implemented corporate training programs, policies, and tools to enable the company to deliver on Service Excellence.



With the advent of 5G technology, we’re going to be seeing more automation, less interaction with humans and more intelligence nearing the edge of the network

Rhys Fernandez | Talley Inc.

Fernandez describes his leadership style as conscientious, honest and understanding. 

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