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Kirk Compton, NTT Ltd.

Kirk Compton, GTM Executive & Vice President for Intelligent Business, NTT Ltd.

Kirk Compton
NTT Ltd.

GTM Executive & Vice President for Intelligent Business

Kirk Compton’s expertise in developing managed services and ERP cloud solutions has been honed over more than a decade working at NTT. Starting out as a project consultant, Compton progressed to a global role running the SAP HANNA cloud partnership. “We grew our capabilities in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia through building out our data center offering, as well as our managed service solutions,” he recalls.

In his current role as GTM Executive & Vice President for Intelligent Business at NTT Ltd. in the Americas region, Compton is excited by the opportunity to build out the company’s portfolio, pipeline and ability to execute across the Americas. “It’s been a really exciting time to launch NTT Ltd, which recently celebrated its first anniversary, in the ever-changing world of hyperscalers, hybrid cloud and data center growth and creation,” he adds. “Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, it’s been amazing to support the digital transformation of our customers as we continue to build new ways of working together.”

During a year when 2020 vision has been all about promoting digital readiness to meet new challenges, Compton is passionate about NTT’s ability to help customers meet their goals. “Our CEO, Jason Goodall asks everyone: ‘Why do you get up every day? What are you really doing to make yourself better? Why are you coming to work? What's your passion?’ For many years, my passion has been around business and client outcomes. Why do I go to work? It’s to make a company successful. And it's not just our company. It's our customers. When they look at their business model and ask what changes they need to make, how they can generate new revenue models and be able to grow their companies, that's where I get challenged and NTT responds with full, reliable, compliant and secure services.”

Compton is thankful for the opportunities he has enjoyed throughout his career that have seen him at the forefront of growth and acquisitions in an industry that builds bridges across cultures. “In the early 2000s there was a big focus on offshore growth,” he recalls. “Building out operations in India, integrating them into our US culture created a set of challenges that were unlike any others previously. During my time with NTT in South Africa, I was exposed to diverse working environments and different cultures and so, on my return to the US, being able to share those cultural differences in a global world has helped me enormously. No one company is US-specific anymore. My global experience of building teams and being able to immerse myself in other cultures is something that helps me now in my role at NTT.”

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Kirk Compton | NTT Ltd.