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Tech Squad 2.0

Brice Bible, Vice President and Chief Information Officer (VPCIO), University at Buffalo on maintaining the campus spirit through technology

|Mar 9|magazine2 min read
Brice Bible
University at Buffalo

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

“We have what we call the Tech Squad, a student service out of our organisation. A student can go on the website and pick a time and we will show up at their room wherever they live and help them with the technology. We don't go into physical rooms currently, we made that virtual so students still could go and say, ‘Look, I need some help, and I'm free between three and four. I want that slot.’ And so we virtualised the tech squad so that students could still get that one-on-one help. 

“In the one-on-one process used back before COVID, we would ‘storm through the dorms’ at the beginning of the semester - all 4,000 dorm rooms - and see students as they moved in and offer assistance. We could do that physically before, but now we can’t. So we flipped it so that we now do it virtually and offer that same assistance. I think it was very helpful. This is just another way that we've tried to retain the look and feel of campus using the technologies we have at our disposal, so the students still felt like they were a part of something bigger.”

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It’s my job to not just be serving today's needs, but to project what those needs are going to be in three to five years

Brice Bible | University at Buffalo