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Transforming patient care with innovation

We speak to Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg about how digitalisation is enhancing the management of patient care at Jewish General

Dr Lawrence Rosenberg
Jewish General Hospital

Chief Executive Officer

Born and bred in Montreal, Rosenberg says he is "very much a product of my geography and of the systems that I was raised in." He studied at the city's prestigious McGill University, later training in general surgery and completing a PhD in experimental surgery, only leaving Quebec to do a transplant fellowship at University of Michigan. 

After returning to Montreal he went into practice at one of the McGill University teaching hospitals, remaining within this network ever since. He later completed a Master's degree in Engineering, focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and management of technology. "It sort of set the stage to prepare me to do what I'm doing today" he says. 

In 2007 he joined Jewish General Hospital as Chief of Surgical Services, a position he held for 6 and a half years. He them became Director General of the hospital, and 18 months later was appointed as President and CEO of the larger network of health and social services that includes the hospital, called CIUSSS West-Central Montreal (the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal). He is also Professor of Surgery and Medicine at McGill University. 

"I'm very focused on evidence, on data-driven process and outcomes" he explains. "I'm also very focused on meeting unmet need. Because of that the digital health plan that we've been evolving over the last 18 months is guided by the vision of providing care everywhere."

"This actually fits into my leadership style - I'm a very decentralised type of individual, I don't believe in hierarchy and heavy process. I'm very much a fan of agile development and implementation, hiring the best people we can and then letting them loose to do the best job they can. Trusting the people that work with me and work for me is extremely important." 

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The pandemic is validation of the digital approach we had already decided to move towards

Dr Lawrence Rosenberg | Jewish General Hospital