Amazon, Facebook, Apple & Google testify in antitrust panel

Lawmakers are expected to release a report on their antitrust investigation in the coming weeks.

|Jul 7|magazine2 min read

Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Google's Sundar Pichai and Apple's Tim Cook can seem before the House Judiciary fair committee as a part of its probe into the businesses, the statement said. They will all be allowed to attend virtually. 

"As we've got aforementioned from the beginning, their testimony is important for the United States to finish this investigation," Jerrold Nadler, the House judiciary panel chairman, and David Cicilline, the House fair committee chairman, aforementioned in a very statement.

Earlier this month, Reuters rumored the large four school platforms' heads would testify before U.S. Congress. Lawmakers area unit expected to unleash a report on their fair investigation within the returning weeks. The U.S. DoJ is additionally inquiring about the large four school platforms. Facebook and Amazon are facing inquiries by the Federal Trade Commission, while U.S. states attorneys general area unit watching Facebook and Google.

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