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BRUSA's Weekly News Roundup

|Apr 13|magazine8 min read

After Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) repealed the state’s equal pay law, making it tougher for victims of wage discrimination to sue, state Senator Glenn Grothman (R) spoke out to say he feels women make less money because ‘money is more important for men.’  - ThinkProgress

Apple says that the government’s accusation that it raised the price of e-books through a conspiracy with major book publishers is untrue. – Washington Post
China and Europe’s weak economies caused the price of oil to slip to $103 per barrel this week. – CBS News
Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram is already pulling in new users—the photo sharing app’s user base hit 40 million. – SlashGear
JPMorgan’s first quarter profits beat Wall Street expectations, due to increased economic activity. – Reuters
Obama’s federal tax burden in 2011 was the lowest it’s been since he became president and he’s calling on Mitt Romney to reveal his tax burden as well. – LA Times
The Facebook Download Your Information feature, which allows users to see what personal information Facebook collects and stores, is now even more thorough. – Time
Are you hooked on Draw Something yet? Here’s a look behind Zynga’s latest social game to captivate the country. – CNN
Two Research In Motion sources say that former co-chief executive Jim Balsillie had plans to radically shift the struggling company’s strategy before he resigned, but he was shut down. - Reuters