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BRUSA's Weekly News Roundup: May 18th Edition

|May 18|magazine5 min read


Facebook’s stock has finally opened – at $38 per share – Reuters

Speaking of Facebook, General Motors decided to discontinue its $10 million investment in Facebook advertising this week – NY Times

And speaking of General Motors advertising, the automaker has announced that it will not be advertising in the 2013 Super BowlCNN

A New York penthouse just sold for a record $90 million – CNN

Twitter has announced support for “Do Not Track” technology and said it will be using it to put an end to online tracking of Twitter users who trigger a setting in their browsers – Computerworld

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson resigned last weekend after telling the company’s board of directors that he has been diagnosed with thyroid cancerWall Street Journal

Gas prices are expected to drop down to as low as $3.25 a gallon in some parts of the United States in the next couple of weeks – Associated Press