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Canada announces consultation on plain tobacco packaging

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|Jun 1|magazine3 min read

The Canadian government has announced a public consultation on introducing plain packaging for tobacco products, in a bid to reduce the 4.2 million smokers in the country.

Jane Philpott, Minister of Health, said: "I don't believe tobacco companies should be allowed to build brand loyalty with children, for a product that could kill them. Research shows that plain packaging of tobacco products is an effective way to deter people from starting to smoke and will bolster our efforts to reduce tobacco use in Canada. Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death and disease in Canada, and we are committed to fighting this issue from all sides." 

Over five million Canadian still use tobacco, and tobacco use costs almost $4.4 billion in annual direct health care costs in Canada. Australia and the UK have already brought in plain packaging for cigarettes and tobacco products.

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