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How Much Time (and Money) Are We Wasting at Work?

|Mar 29|magazine4 min read


How much time have you wasted at work today? Come on…be honest! If you’ve stepped away from your desk to take a personal phone call or let your mouse wander to Facebook to check your news feed, it’s okay to admit it. According to a survey conducted by America Online and Survey.com, we all do it, to some extent.

The survey of workers across the country determined that we’re all wasting a lot of costly, precious time between the hours of 9 and 5.

Excluding lunches and scheduled break time, American employees waste 2.09 hours every eight hour work day. All those idle minutes end up costing a company an average of $39.98 a day, per employee.

The most common excuses and time wasting activities run the gamut, from surfing the Internet for personal use (44.7%) to socializing with co-workers (23.4%) and simply spacing out (3.9%). Oh, and heads up—1.3 percent of respondents waste company time applying for other jobs.

Interestingly, the statistics show that the average HR department automatically assumes that employees waste 0.94 hours a day and suspects that employees waste 1.60 hours a day, but employees actually admitted to wasting 2.09. Hey, at least they were honest…we assume.

Take a look at all the stats below, but as soon as you're done, hurry up and get back to work!

Wasting Time & Money

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