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[INFOGRAPHIC] Facts about mining in Ontario

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The mining industry in Canada continues to grow. Specifically, the sector contributes quite substantially to Ontario and its surrounding cities. Not only does mining create value by providing high-paying jobs and versatile careers, but the trade also provides revenue for various types of public services and assists with aboriginal communities.

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Interestingly enough, Ontario is one of the safest mining jurisdictions in the world. Furthermore, mining is one of the safest industries throughout Ontario.

As for providing revenue for public services, the mining industry in Ontario helps with the following:

  • Roads
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Community Centres
  • Parks and Recreations


More than 200,000 Ontarians are currently employed in the mining sector, with at least 18,700 directly employed at operating mines.

While Ontario is well-known for its various mines that have opened and closed throughout the years, several mines remain open, continuing to contribute to the Canadian economy.

In particular, the Copper Cliff North mine, the Copper Cliff South mine and the Victor Diamond mine are just a few examples that continue to make headlines.

With over 50,000 mining supplier and service jobs in total, it’s rather clear that the mining industry remains to be a leader throughout the business world of Ontario, which is further detailed by the infographic below.

Not only will you discover facts regarding the mining industry in Ontario, but you’ll see in particular how this specific sector has left a significant impact among the community.

Do you live in the Ontario area? What does mining mean to you?

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[SOURCE: Ontario Mining Association]

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