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New York ranked first in North American Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

Pouyan Broukhim
|Nov 2|magazine4 min read

New York has been named as the highest ranking North American City in a recent report from consultancy company Arcadis named ‘Global Sustainable Cities Mobility Index’.

New York has been focused on improving its commuter transit to and from New Jersey, including upgrades to airport terminals and ferry services, in addition to adding and improving infrastructure in the form of rail, tunnels and bridges.

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However, collectively, North America collectively lags significantly behind European and Asian cities, with no North American city ranking within the top 20 globally. This is largely as a result of North American cities’ reliance upon personal automobiles as the main mode of transport, largely due to a lack of alternative public transport options.

Arcadis cites the ‘Infrastructure Report Card’ from the American Society of Civil Engineers which rated the US infrastructure network as a D this year, signifying a key cause of the problem in transport sustainability in North America.

“To shift North America’s car-dominated culture, city leaders need to address three key themes to implement real change that is needed to deliver an environment of improved mobility,” Arcadis said in the report.