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WestJet Named Pet Friendly Airline

|Aug 1|magazine11 min read


In an annual review by Petfinder.com, WestJet has been named one of the top 2011 airlines for travelling with your pet. Since many don’t like leaving their beloved animals behind while traveling, Petfinder.com outlines the best options for travelling in-cabin with your pet.

Normally a US based review, this year Petfinder.com decided to include Canadian airlines as well. Categories for the review included most pet friendly overall, best amenities for pets, best for transporting pet variety, best for budget-conscious consumers, best for Flying multiple pets in cabin, and best for big furry friends.



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WestJet came in as number one for the budget conscious consumers. What supports WestJet’s ranking? It’s allowance for small dogs, cats, rabbits and birds to travel for $50 each way in cabin. AirTran Airways came in at a close second with domesticated dogs, cats and birds to fly for $69 each way.

Other airlines that made the review include Frontier Airlines (Best for Transporting Pet Variety), JetBlue (Best Amenities for Pets) and Pet Airways (Most Pet-Friendly Overall and Best for Big Furry Friends).

“As the proud parent of a huge pet family, I know how important it is to find a way for your pets to travel safely and comfortably with you, whether across the country or across the state,” said Betsy Banks Saul, the co-founder of Petfinder.com. “All too often we hear stories of pets dying or getting injured while traveling in a plane’s cargo. We feel strongly at Petfinder.com that you should only travel with your pet in the cabin with you when flying, which is why we continue to review and promote the pet policies of airlines each year. We hope that this list can be a resource for those traveling with pets this summer.”