EPCOR: Water supply treatment in a semi desert


|Sep 5|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 05/09/2018)

EPCOR’s Engineering Director Andrew Brown discusses a few of the utility company’s more imaginative projects as a flexible reliable provider of water services to the population of Arizona.

Arizona is a region containing many arid landscapes, and is threatened by climate change-induced drought in places, but Brown and his team are delivering a large annual capital improvement program to drive water provision and treatment in the state. “In recent years our peak demand in the summer has been pushing 19 MGD. The capacity was stressed so we had to expand,” Brown outlines.

One such project is the construction of a brand-new wastewater facility in Phoenix. The first phase of the 15,000 gpd facility has just been completed and it is expected to grow to a capacity of 8 MGD.

In addition, EPCOR has a keen focus on delivering localized water solutions. “When you have lots of small developments and they are not contiguous, then it can make sense to have localized treatment,” comments Brown. As such, EPCOR works with a number of consultants and contractors, including partnerships with Water Works Engineers and Archer Western Contractors (Water Group).

You can read more about the company’s range of projects, as well as the many partnerships that make them a success, in the magazine.