How T5 Data Centers is scaling its platform and embracing renewable energy to meet the demands


|Nov 13|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 11/13/2019)

T5 Data Centers (T5) is focused both on assets and services across the global data center arena, serving hyperscale, enterprise and colocation customers. In an interview with Business Chief USA magazine, T5’s CEO Pete Marin and Vice President David Horowitz reveal how the company excels turnkey data hall construction, facility upgrades, equipment procurement, project management and consulting, and green energy projects.

“We’re ready to meet the demands of the latest initiatives,” assures Marin. “The leading hyperscale users are building large solar arrays, so we’re developing that expertise and see it as complimentary business and part of the symbiotic relationship with everything we’re doing across the industry. We are providing construction services to groups that actually own the purchase power agreements, and we’ll also look at investing in those in the future.”

With green energy use continuing to expand in the mission-critical sector T5 is implementing large solar installations at its projects. “We’re always focused on improving the plans and reducing the amount of wasted power that goes into a data center,” confirms Marin. “That’s why cutting-edge design is so important and always making sure we utilise energy the most efficient way.” To discover more about T5’s winning approach to construction and facilities management read the full story in the November issue of Business Chief USA.