Mike Greene and Rob MacNeil on Nova Scotia Power’s digital transformation Journey


|Sep 13|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 13/09/2019)

Nova Scotia features in this month’s Business Chief Canada, Gigabit and CSO magazines.

To keep up with an ever-evolving industry which is increasingly focused on sustainability, the power giant is embracing radical change with a move away from coal and oil-based generation. Operations Technology Leader Mike Greene and Senior Technical Advisor Rob MacNeil explain how the company embraces this change.

Since 2010, NSP has been building an asset management function to care for all areas of the business under the same philosophy and regime. “Our goal is to understand their criticality to the business and put in place maintenance strategies that deliver intelligence about our equipment's condition or health, so we're able to risk-profile all of our major assets,” explains Greene.

“Digital application in our industry is still relatively new, so finding major partners who share our philosophy is very important to us… We're often pushing the boundaries of their own technical capabilities, so we're both investing in the future together.”

“We’re confident our investment dollars are going where they need to be,” asserts MacNeil.

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