University of Alabama at Birmingham features in this month’s Business Chief USA


|Aug 7|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 07/08/2019) 

In an age where students are under more pressure than ever, clearing admin-related obstacles is even more crucial to enabling students to achieve their best.

Empowering greatness in others is at the heart of every technical solution the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has made, and this could not be more evident from the technological transformation that has taken place over the past four years under the leadership of Dr. Curt Carver.

Dr Curtis Carver, the Vice President and Chief Information Officer has spearheaded this drive in transforming the University.

Carver has been with UAB since 2015 and, under his leadership, the University has had over 420 ‘wins’. Heshares one example of a win: “When I started in 2015, it took us about 800 minutes to close out a phishing attack. Today we do it in 11.”

“We are trying to empower greatness in our students, faculty, and researchers and clinicians,” says Carver, “If we’re going to change the world, let’s be serious about changing the world.”

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