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Blackberry partners with Telus and Solace to launch accelerator program for IoT

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|Mar 29|magazine5 min read

The Waterloo-headquartered technology company, BlackBerry, is launching an accelerator program targeted at businesses using Internet of Things (IoT).

The firm has partnered with the Vancouver-based telecommunications company, Telus, and the Kanata-based middleware company, Solace, for the project.

BlackBerry aims to establish itself as a “building block in the construction of a secure environment for connected everyday objects” according to The Star.


The companies will support the Secure IoT Accelerator ran by L-SPARK, which is connected to the federal government’s Canada Accelerator and Incubator program.

“We believe the winners in IoT will be the companies that realize security is not an added cost but a valuable differentiator,” stated Charles Eagan, Chief Technology Officer at BlackBerry.

“It’s incumbent upon all manufacturers to deliver safe and secure IoT devices that consumers and enterprises can trust, and the Secure IoT Accelerator program is an excellent place to start.”