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EDF Renewables and Shell New Energies partner to create 2.8GW offshore wind farm

Kayleigh Shooter
|Dec 20|magazine5 min read

EDF Renewables North America have over 30 years of expertise in renewable energy, the company specializes in wind, solar and other alternative energy solutions. The company has strong positions in offshore wind power, totaling almost 2,800MW.

EDF are partnering with Shell New Energies, Shell has over 400 MW of wind power in projects across North America and France, and is one of the largest power wholesalers in North America.

The Vice President of Shell New Energies, Dorine Bosman, said: “Shell has bold ambitions to grow our renewable power business and we see great potential in US offshore wind”.

This project supports EDF’s target to double global renewable capacity to 50GW.

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The offshore project will take place 183,353 acres out to sea on the coast of Atlantic City in New Jersey, therefore it is close to areas of high energy demand like Pleasantville and Northville.

The president and CEO of EDF ,Tristan Grimbert, commented: “The industry is well positioned to meaningfully contribute to the New York and New Jersey economies through employment and supply chain opportunities”.

Recently, EDF signed a PPA for a wind energy project of over 300 MW in Canada, which is anticipated to commence in 2020 and provide around 250 jobs for construction of the wind farm.