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HP: advancing 3D printing and digital manufacturing

HP partners with Dyndrite, to advance 3D printing and digital manufacturing software and data platforms.

|Aug 10|magazine7 min read

In a recent announcement made by HP the company detailed its new strategic partnership with Dyndrite - a leading provider of core 3D geometry kernel which is used to develop scalable, high performance and next generation additive manufacturing solutions. 

The partnership intends to grow HP’s focus on expanding its software and data platform, which helps its customers to realise the transformative power of 3D printing and digital manufacturing. 

“Innovations in software, data intelligence, and workflow automation are key to unlocking the full potential of additive manufacturing,” commented Ryan Palmer, Global Head of Software, Data and Automation, HP 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing. “We are committed to advancing our digital manufacturing platform capabilities and this strategic collaboration with Dyndrite is an exciting next step on the journey.”

By combining HP’s end to end manufacturing management experience with Dyndrite’s cutting edge additive technologies, HP strives to define, develop and deliver a software platform with the ability to power ‘digital manufacturing factories of the future’.

“The promise of 3D printing is to deliver unique parts and tools not possible through traditional methods, and do so on an industrial and global scale. For this to happen the industry must evolve and Dyndrite’s mission is to accelerate this change,” added Harshil Goel, CEO and founder, Dyndrite. 

“HP is a clear leader in industrial 3D printing and this collaboration speeds the game-changing impact our technology brings to the AM community at large. We applaud HP’s vision and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership for years to come.”

Bringing together systems, software, services and materials science, HP is a leading provider of industrial grader 3D printing and digital manufacturing solutions for its customers. Such solutions include multiple software and data innovations such as its advanced HP 3D Process Control and HP 3D Center offerings. These software solutions enable its customers to improve their operational efficiency, quality and personalisations, as well as driving dimensional accuracy, repeatability and fleet monitoring.

“HP’s 3D Center software is critical to the success of our organization. From internal reporting, historical data and most important, full traceability toward our customers, it enables unprecedented productivity, quality, and personalization on a massive scale,” said Stijn Paridaens, CEO, ZiggZagg. “We would not be able to get such a full overview in any other way, and we’re excited for HP’s continued software, data intelligence, and workflow innovations to help us grow even further.”

HP believes in the importance of having broad ecosystem collaboration in order to accelerate innovation and speed product development and supply chain efficiencies.

“Dyndrite joins HP’s global ecosystem of manufacturing and software partners, one of the largest partner communities in the industry. HP also supports numerous 3D printing and digital manufacturing open standards to ensure data interoperability and choice for customers,” concluded HP in a company statement.

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