NetApp and Red8: powering AltaMed’s transformation

NetApp’s Dave Nesvisky and Red8’s Eric Sarraf, Luke Lederman and Brandon Kaier discuss their partnership with AltaMed and the services they provide

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Red 8 and NetApp have played a crucial part in non-profit healthcare company AltaMed Health Services transformation.

Red8 is a system integrator and consulting firm, specialising in areas such as data centres, cybersecurity, DevOps and automation. For more than 20 years, it has helped customers streamline operations and roll out new technologies.

NetApp is a specialist in data management and storage, dedicated to helping customers solve their data challengers whether on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid. It serves organisations of every size in the context of healthcare, from community access hospitals to national health systems.

Working together with AltaMed and its CIO Raymond Lowe, the two companies have helped to simplify data management and scale capacity in a non-disruptive manner, while cost-effectively supporting AltaMed’s general-purpose business applications. 

“Our relationship with AltaMed started around eight years ago,” says Eric Sarraf, Senior Account Executive at Red8. We deployed their very first NetApp storage systems, and since then we have rolled out a number of systems. Once Ray joined the organisation, we were really able to expand our services.” Accordingly, Red8 has worked to consolidate fragmented infrastructure, allowing AltaMed to stabilise and grow the core of their managed care business. They also assisted in overall design and deployment of data protection, retention, and encryption systems.

NetApp, meanwhile, provides the crucial data management and storage infrastructure, as Dave Nesvisky, Executive Director - Healthcare, explains: “As the relationship has matured and as the use cases have expanded, AltaMed has enjoyed the benefit and the simplicity of being able to manage all of their data using a common interface - instead of having islands of information and a large portfolio of disparate products. It takes risk out of the equation, and ultimately also saves considerable training costs in different technologies and platforms.”

The work they’ve done together has had the effect of streamlining operations, and freed up employees to spend less time managing the day-to-day. “Before, several people were dedicated to just infrastructure,” says Red8’sSenior Systems Engineer, Luke Lederman. Today, they’re in a position where not only can they spend less time managing it, but also where they can scale much more easily as the business grows.”

According to Red8 Field CTO Brandon Kaier, It’s a relationship born of a keen understanding of the ways technology is transforming the industry. “Digital transformation for organisations is, at the end of the day, pretty simple. It's gaining unrealised value out of a physical asset through the use of technology. Why the partnership with NetApp and AltaMed is so important is the rise of cloud and cloud applications. Everybody, not just born-digital companies, is trying to figure out how they can accelerate their application development.”

The partnership, then, has brought reliable, scalable benefits to the mission critical healthcare environment in which AltaMed operates, doing more with data and freeing up its employees’ time.

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