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Pathways Training & eLearning develops Canada's first virtual reality learning tool with St. John Ambulance

Mohammed Mestar
|Jun 28|magazine5 min read

Canadian agency Pathways Training & eLearning has worked together with St. John Ambulance (SJA) to develop the country’s first 360-degree virtual reality eLearning module.

VR technology is used to simulate a mass casualty event for the ‘real world’ training of Medical First Responders, with clickable learning hotspots within the video. 

Users with Google’s Cardboard Goggles can download the module onto their smartphones, achieving the objective of easy access for professionals from any location.

"We were looking for a way to remove some of the psychological barriers around first aid by creating a simulation that was as real as possible," said Stevan Anas, Interaction Designer and Provincial Training Officer from SJA. 

"We also needed that solution to be cost effective, repeatable, consistent, and easy to distribute over a large geographical area."

Pathways Managing Partner Kurt Tiltack added: "I'm rarely awestruck, but what our team has created is simply amazing, and we see so many applications for this technology across every industry and job function.”

SJA have rolled out the module on their Learning Management System, giving volunteers full access to the technology.

Pathways is a Canadian-owned and operated agency that has offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

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