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RIM's Decline In Innovation

|Apr 23|magazine3 min read

Featured in Business Review Canada's March magazine, it's clear many speculate RIM, and thus BlackBerry, is on the decline.The questions is: will RIM survive 2012? If this year for the company goes anything like 2011, it doesn't look very likely. Check out Business Review Canada's analysis of Research in Motion's 2011 and speculations on where the company may go in 2012 here.

Below is a case study by MBAonline.com referencing RIM's storied past--how it went from the top of technological innovation down to its low market share today. 


Death of RIM
Created by: MBAOnline.com

What do you think? Do you agree with the above case study that RIM as a brand has died, or do you think they'll make a recovery? Discuss the story with Business Review Canada on Twitter @BizReviewCanada.