VMware and T-Systems partner on managed SD-WAN services

We hear from Sasha Emmerling, Head of Marketing for the VeloCloud business unit at VMware, on changes in connectivity it is facilitating with T-Systems

|Aug 5|magazine5 min read

When embarking on a digital or network transformation journey, enterprises need trusted partners to assist them in their endeavours. Sasha Emmerling is Head of Marketing for the VeloCloud business unit at VMware, which, via its SD-WAN product and other offerings, facilitates cloud connectivity at a time when it has never been more necessary.

“Now, companies have applications trying to reach the cloud versus just the corporate data centre,” says Emmerling. “The old conception of branches connecting in a hub and spoke manner to the data centre just doesn’t make sense anymore. What we offer is direct connectivity to the cloud. So the applications don't have to go this route of backhauling through the data centre to reach the cloud.”

The convergence of network and security services is happening in the cloud. “The term is ‘secure access service edge’ or SASE,” says Emmerling. “What this means is customers can now get their network and security from a single vendor, but your architecture has to be designed for scaling in the cloud. That’s something we have been focused on from day one— providing customers with a way of reaching the cloud in a scalable and easy way.”

VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® works with leaders in the field, including IT services consultant T-Systems. “Over the years, we have forged alliances with multiple service providers where they take our solution and integrate it into their service,” says Emmerling. “A service provider can take our SD-WAN solution and offer it as a managed service together with the connectivity services, but it goes beyond connectivity to upstream, managed services—such as security. That’s our relationship with T-Systems—they're offering SD-WAN as an integrated, managed service to their customers in the European markets. We announced the partnership in September and right now we’re working on a joint go-to-market strategy.”

The collaboration of VMware and T-Systems represents a true partnership, as Emmerling explains. “Collaboration on go-to-market projects is important in general, but with telecom service providers and T-Systems in particular, it is critical. That’s because it’s a managed service. We are successful only if T-Systems is successful.” The partnership goes beyond the technology, running the gamut of services such as legal, operations, enablement and marketing. “Right now, with T-Systems, we're going through this process and we expect a strong market showing—so stay tuned.”

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